The best proof of love is trust.

WHAT I THINK OF YOU;; I THINK you are a kind, broken, beautiful soul. You have a raging spirit, one that is strong and lusts for life. Your dedication to family, friends and your girlfriend is admirable. You give so much to others without expecting anything in return. You are an amazing guy, and I wish you were mine.

Asked by Anonymous

Well thank you for your sincere opinion, honestly there’s always room to learn, to grow, and to improve about myself and that’s what I’m working toward too. I live by “do what makes you happy” and the people around me really affect who I am today, so I always put their happiness before my own. It’s just so weird to know someone whose admire me, I really appreciate it. But! I am taken, and I love my boothang to death, you’ll find someone whose perfect for you just gotta be patient my friend, I wish you well.